DATE: September 25, 2018

venue: Warszawa, ul. Mińska 65

The increasing complexity and rapidly changing environment make it necessary for companies to constantly redefine their business and how they communicate with their customers.

For this, innovation is essential.

Innovation is at the forefront of the list of strategic priorities. Failure to act in this area means an increasing risk of losing market position. What does innovation mean in practice and how to implement it in the company’s strategy?

Welcome to Impact Day #STRATEGY.

Speakers from Poland and the world will talk about the role and place of innovation strategies in business, marketing and communication activities. They will show examples of how innovation can be used to achieve strategic advantage. They will tell you if and how the implementation of the innovation strategy in the company’s strategy helps to maintain and improve the position of the company.

The details of the agenda will be available soon. Stay tuned!

Impact Day conferences are subject to DIMAQ accreditation. The participant receives 20 points, the panelist 25 points and the speaker 40 points.
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