Data: September 6th 2017

Place: PGE Narodowy, Warsaw

Goal? To increase interest.

To become noticed and memorable in the cluttered and fragmented ecosystem of marketing content.

Opponent? Everyone around.

Each day thousands of new apps appear, hours of video materials and tones of new content are being created. The game is about all the same 24 hours of your consumer’s life.

Success? Experience.

No matter if you are a brand, a personality, a medium or a workplace, you need to create an experience that reaches hearts and minds. It’s the game-winning advantage.


During the September’s edition of Impact Day we will focus on #Experience in digital. We will draw the psychological perspective of mechanisms and emotion that influence consumers today.

We will bring you closer to the nowadays crucial role of technology in building customer experience and we will show examples of brand experience cases basing on selected, renowned brands. Along with top managers we will discuss the topic of „CEO as a brand”.

The conference attendees will have the chance not only to hear about the ways of creating an experience for their consumers but also to personally experience a feast for their senses in the conference venue.

Join us and try it yourself on September 6th in PGE Narodowy, Warsaw.